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Exam Pattern and Marks Distribution

  • The GATE examination will be for 3 hours duration and they consist of 65 questions for a total of 100 marks. Since the examination is an ONLINE computer based test, at the end of the stipulated time (3-hours), computer will automatically close the screen inhibiting any further action. Candidates will be permitted to occupy their allotted seats 40 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Candidates can login and start reading the instructions 20 minutes before the start of examination. Candidate will NOT be permitted to enter the examination hall after 09:30 hours in the forenoon session and after 14:30 hours in the afternoon session. Candidates will NOT be permitted to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination
  • Pattern of Questions

    GATE would contain questions of two different types in all the papers:
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections.These questions are objective in nature, and each will have a choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to select (mark) the correct answer
  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions carrying 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections. For these questions, the answer is a signed real number, which needs to be entered by the candidate using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor (keyboard of the computer will be disabled). No choices will be shown for these type of questions. The answer can be a number such as 10 or -10 (an integer only). The answer may be in decimals as well, for example, 10.1 (one decimal) or 10.01 (two decimals) or -10.001 (three decimals). These questions will be mentioned with, up to which decimal places, the candidates need to make an answer. Also, an appropriate range will be considered while evaluating the numerical answer type questions so that the candidate is not penalized due to the usual round-off errors. Wherever required and possible, it is better to give NAT answer up to a maximum of three decimal places
  • Negative Marking for Wrong Answers
  • Negative Marking for Wrong Answers: For a wrong answer chosen in a MCQ, there will be negative marking. For 1-mark MCQ, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Likewise , for 2-mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  • Negative Marking for Wrong Answers: There is NO negative marking for a wrong answer in NAT questions.
  • Marking Scheme and Marks Questions Distribution:
  • There will be a total of 65 questions carrying 100 marks, out of which 10 questions carrying a total of 15 marks will be on General Aptitude (GA), which is intended t test the Language and Analytical Skills
  • General Aptitude (GA) Questions: GA questions carry a total of 15 marks. The GA section includes 5 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 5 marks) and 5 questions carrying 2-marks each (subtotal 10 marks).
  • Mathematical Science: These Section Containing 55 questions carry a total of 85 marks. Consists of 25 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 25 marks and some of these may be numerical answer type questions) and consists of 30 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 60 marks and some of these may be numerical answer type questions).
  • Here is the Exam Analysis/and marks Distributions, Year Wise marks Distributions, Subject Wise Question Distributions
    Year Wise Marks Distributions
    Subject Wise Marks Distributions

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